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Celebrating Two Books and Therapyjar

Commemorating impactful publications by our CEO Dr. Grace A Mapunda, “SONONA KAZINI” and “A MAN IN A WOMAN”, “THERAPYJAR” through mental health, mindset transformation and unity.




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Second Book Launching


The chief executive officer, Dr.Grace A Mapunda had officially launched a second book entitled SONONA KAZINI which is also known as DEPRESSION AT WORK in English version on 06 / MAY / 2023 Saturday at Julius Nyerere International Conference Center- Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

The book explains into details what’s depression , causes, signs and symptoms , effects and how we can prevent ourselves from being depressed.

Depression is one among mental health challenges faced by many people globally. So through this book we can get insights on how to cope with it successfully.

First Book Launching


The chief executive officer, Dr.Grace A Mapunda officially launched the first book entitled A MAN IN A WOMAN. The book A MAN IN A WOMAN was published in 2020, with the theme of mindset transformation among men and women. It’s a non-gender-biased type of book, explaining in detail on how we can work together and bring the best outcomes with respect to our abilities without making the other gender feel inferior. And it has been doing good in the market since then!


Therapyjar is one among the approved mental health tool improvement for individuals that aims in expressing out the feelings towards ourselves and our loved ones.

The goal is to create the positive mindset among individuals through daily affirmations.

Spreading love, smile and the energy. Reminding one another about the beauty of life regardless the struggles that we may be facing at time.

Therapyjar is for everyone everywhere everyday for all ages and all genders!

It’s available at a very reasonable price, starting from a standard package of a month with 40 pieces inside to a year depending on the request of the client.

Therapyjar values your feelings more than anything and you have to speak it out before it becomes too late.

Your happiness is our priority, always in all ways!

As KijanaPlus team through Dr.Grace Mapunda and Ms.Lulu Mapunda has been pushing it forward and the feedbacks have been so overwhelming

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