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Amplifying Voices, Inspiring Change

Our chief executive officer, Dr.Grace A Mapunda has been doing several media tours on various platforms more than 20 Television and Radio stations as well as through podcasts, and newspapers concerning youths in all aspects of self-awareness, capacity building, gender issues, and mental health inclusively.

Media Tours: Voice of Change

Advocating Youth Empowerment through Media Platforms

Engaging in over 20 Television and Radio stations, podcasts, and newspapers to advocate for youth issues, self-awareness, and mental health.

Varied Media Engagements

Participating in diverse media platforms to reach a wider audience and address multifaceted youth-related topics.

Advocacy and Awareness

Using media as a tool to raise awareness, advocate for positive change, and amplify youth-centric narratives.

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Gallery of KijanaPlus in Media Tours

Our chief executive officer, Dr.Grace A Mapunda at various media platforms (Television, Radio, Podcasts, and newspapers)

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