Sober Houses Training

Nurturing Hope, Building Recovery

KijanaPlus has been working in collaboration with sober houses in mental health advocacy and treatment as well. We have been conducting SONONA KAZINI movements on such platforms so as to raise awareness of depression in its depth. However, providing not less than 10 free copies of the book “SONONA KAZINI” in each sober house visited has been the target on top of the list.

Through these trainings we came to realize that many youths in sober houses be it addiction or any other psychotic issues, depression has contributed to it in one way or another. We hope together we can join forces in promoting mental health awareness, especially to the most vulnerable groups, youths inclusively.

Sober Houses Training: Pathways to Recovery

Empowering Recovery and Mental Well-being

Engaging in mental health advocacy and treatment within sober living environments to support individuals on their journey toward recovery.

Mental Health Support

Offering resources, trainings, and support systems to address mental health challenges among individuals in sober houses.

Supportive Initiatives

Collaborating with sober houses to provide educational programs, workshops, and activities aimed at holistic recovery.

Sober Houses
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Safe Haven Sober House

At Kigamboni – Dar es slaam, under Kwame Mhina

Drug Abuse Prevention Organization (DAPO)

Mental health training at Drug Abuse Prevention Organization (DAPO) Recovery house under Surah Nyembo in Kibada Kigamboni (Dar Es Salaam)

Female Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Female alcohol rehabilitation center under Pilli Misana in Kigamboni – Dar Es Salaam

Male Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Male Alcohol Rehabilitation Center located at Kigamboni Dar Es Salaam

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