Youth Talks

Fostering Dialogue, Inspiring Change

As KijanaPlus we always focus on youths as our targeted group. We have been organizing events and partnering with other youth stakeholders to promote youths' well-being in all aspects.


Empowering Voices for Change

Youth Talks serve as a platform where young individuals come together to discuss challenges, share experiences, and strategize for a better future. It’s a safe space where voices are heard, ideas are shared, and solutions are cultivated.

Open Dialogue for Progress

Facilitating open conversations where youths express concerns, brainstorm solutions, and cultivate a sense of community.

Strategic Sessions

Structured sessions to address societal issues, empower individuals, and inspire collaborative action among youths.

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Youth involved
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Season One: Addiction Among Youth

Tule Tubonge

We have apparently started a continuous gathering known as “Tule Tubonge” as it allows youths to get together, eat and discuss so many issues that they face and how they can make it through them! The goal is to make every youth great in own way as everyone has got own potential!

KijanaPlus with Betterhood Foundation

Together with Betterhood Foundation under Levina Kundi, KijanaPlus conducted a Youth Talk

KijanaPlus in Youth Talk

Children with Disabilities

Facilitating open discussions to address challenges, share experiences, and amplify the voices of youths with disabilities. Encouraging an environment of understanding, empathy, and empowerment among youths facing diverse challenges.

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